Modern Horse Training – The Proofs for the New Book Have Come!

I have a new book coming out on April 26: “Modern Horse Training”

Modern Horse Training: book proofs: hardcover and paperback editions plus a peek inside.

Just two weeks to go!

The proofs came Monday evening! So exciting. The book looks great. I’m so pleased. The pages are inviting, so readable. That matters a lot to me. You can have the best information in the world, but if the page isn’t inviting, no one is going to read it. And I know that sometimes what looks fine on the computer screen just doesn’t translate to the printed copy. So it’s always a worry.

So Monday evening there was the package, waiting to be opened. The new book was inside. But there was some avoidance behavior that kicked in. I need to take the deer fencing down before it gets dark. I need to go through my mail pile. Tomorrow won’t do. But now I have procrastinated long enough. It’s time to rip open the package and see the new book for the first time.

And it looks great! I love it!

So the proofs have been okayed. The book is ready, but I’m still going to make you wait until April 26. That’s the official publication date. I wanted to give myself a little leeway in case there were glitches that needed to be fixed. And besides it seems so perfect to bring the book out on the anniversary of Peregrine’s birthday. I want to stick to that date so we all have to wait. Two weeks! Very exciting!

While we’re waiting, I’ll share some background stories related to the book.

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