Modern Horse Training: Why Another Book?

A new book is coming: Modern Horse Training: A Constructional Guide to Becoming Your Horse’s Best Friend

I’ll be telling you soon how you can pre-order it. This isn’t a marketing ploy. I am still getting the book set up so you can order it on line. As soon as that’s done, I’ll let you know. The publication date is April 26, the anniversary of Peregrine’s Birthday.

The book is coming out on Peregrine’s birthday, but it is really celebrating Robin. I think of this as his book. So let me show you why I want to share this work with you.

I’ve said over and over that balance matters. I fuss handling details in the food delivery. In clinics we focus in on the minutia of balance and here’s why.

Look at the changes in the way these horses are standing. In the before images we see the higgledy-piggledy stance of horses that are tense in their backs and unaware of their balance. They can’t stand square and be comfortable. And then we see the changes that occur, often within just a couple of sessions. We aren’t compelling these horses to stand square. They are finding this balance on their own. We teach them the underlying components and what emerges is a horse who can stand in beautiful balance.

You may be thinking: “Okay. That’s nice. It’s pretty. But so what?”

Why does this matter? Why should you care about these changes? Why should you join me in my obsession about balance?

Here’s why:

This is one of the images I have chosen for the cover of “Modern Horse Training”. This is Robin. The photo was taken last year. For years when people have asked me how old Robin is I have always said he’s four going on five. In the last year or two I finally decided it was time to update his age. In this photo you are looking at a 27 year old horse – (who still thinks he’s four going on five!)

Balance matters.

Here’s what I write about this image towards the end of the book:

“Robin joined my family as a yearling. He is not only my training partner, he is my much loved best friend. I treasure every every ride, every day we have together.

Good balance is woven into every lesson I have shared with you. My goal throughout this book has been to help you build your own great equine partnership with the horses in your life. Here’s to many great rides on your beautiful horses!”

If there’s an elevator speech way to describe the new book, that’s is it. Balance matters. For all of us who love our horses, these horses show us why.

Coming next: Constructional Training: What that means to me.

3 thoughts on “Modern Horse Training: Why Another Book?

  1. I am so looking forward to your new book. Reading these blog entries has made me think about so many things: history, technological advancements, social changes, and the pandemic. There were some good things that resulted from the pandemic. Foremost in my mind right now are the clinics and coaching sessions. I have learned so much through them and through your feedback and the feedback of others. I know my training goals have completely changed and the bar keeps rising.

    Initially, I would have been happy teaching Truffles a few tricks and making the kids smile. Now, I want that and a lot more. I want to improve my balance and Truffles’ balance. I want us to communicate which is bidirectional. I guess I need to keep a journal of my ever changing, growing goals.

    Thank you so much for time and your love for horses and teaching.

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