Modern Horse Training – Morning News

Modern Horse Training – Morning News

I’m smiling this morning. People have been reading the new book and the reviews for new book are indeed coming in. Thank you to all of you who posted your comments. They are truly amazing!!!

So thank you to Amy, Tehachapji (I love the photo you included of your equine best friend),Sybil, Julie, Sabine, Denise, Eileen and CMC. You certainly got my day off to a great start! Thank you for your wonderful comments!!

I encourage everyone to visit the “Modern Horse Training” page on Amazon to read the reviews. (

So now let’s have some fun. Help me add to this word chain by describing what Modern Horse Training is. I’ve posted this on The Click That Teaches facebook group. I’m looking forward to seeing what others share. I’ll get us started with some help from Robin and horses I have met in clinics. I’ll let Panda lead us off because that’s what she normally does.

Modern Horse Training is Fun! Please use the comments section to add to the word chain and share on social media.

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