Modern Horse Training – Today’s Post: It’s Publication Day!

Hi Everyone,

It’s publication day! I’ve kept you waiting all month. Finally, you can order my new book “Modern Horse Training: A Constructional Guide to Becoming Your Horse’s Best Friend”. Order it through my web site:, and through Amazon and other booksellers.

Order your copy today! Order copies for your friends!

I know how I will be celebrating Publication Day. I’ll be spending the day with Robin, my equine best friend.

Enjoy the book!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing the book with all of you, and now finally I can.

3 thoughts on “Modern Horse Training – Today’s Post: It’s Publication Day!

  1. Just FYI, I pre-ordered your new book thru Amazon for Kindle (I am in rural interior Brazil) yesterday (April 25) and got the notification it would not be available until April 28. I can’t complain, I’m just thankful you are making it available as an ebook! 🤗


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