A Happy Announcement!

Last week I finished posting the July Goat Diaries.  So now I am on to the new project.

I am teaming up with Dominique Day, one of the co-founders of Cavalia to create a podcast.  We’ll be presenting a series of conversations centered around our horses and our training experiences.  Dominique is one of the most articulate proponents for positive, horse-friendly training methods that I have met.  Whenever we get together we have non-stop conversations that dig deep into the nuances of training.  We’re having an email exchange right now about conditioned reinforcers that is crying out to be turned into a podcast conversation.

We’re still putting the final touches on the podcast so we don’t yet have an official launch date.  I am hoping it will be the end of this week, but if baby goats arrive to pull me away from the computer we may not be ready until next week.

What is the name of our new podcast?  Combine equus and curiosity and you get Equiosity, the perfect name for our conversations.  So look for the official announcement coming soon of Equiosity – the podcast about all things equine.

And for those of you who are missing the Goat Reports, there will be more updates on the current training.  Any day now we’ll have baby goats in the barn.  I know I won’t be able to resist sharing.

For now here’s a quick just for fun video: