Horse Company


RobinOkay.  I have a problem.  My horses don’t want to stay out on grass.  They would rather spend their mornings with me helping with barn chores! So much for the naysayers who tell us our clicker-trained horses only work for the food!

I opened the gate to their field just after 6 this morning.  Peregrine and Robin went right out, but then they turned around and followed me back into the barn.

“Aren’t you coming with us?”

“Okay, I’ll walk part way out.  But I have chores to do.”  I left them at the top of the hill.  Within minutes they were both back looking for me.   This time we walked together to the bottom of the field.  I stayed out for a bit, but even at this early hour the sun was becoming unpleasantly hot. I went back up to the barn.  They both followed.

I got my hat, a book and went back out.  I sat in the grass and read while they grazed near by.  But I did want to get the barn chores finished, so I tried sneaking back up, thinking now that they had settled into grazing they would stay down.  No such luck.  They followed me back up and helped me tidy up the arena.  It was quite the process.  They wanted hugs.  First I’d hug Robin, then Peregrine, then pick a pile of manure.  Then Robin was wanting another hug.

“There’s grass, guys.  And no bugs!  Go eat.”

“We want to be with you.  Another hug, please.”

It was only when I disappeared to empty the manure cart, that they finally went down on their own for grass.  But then I made the mistake of peaking out to see where they were.

“You’re back!  Good.  We were waiting for you!”

They are now both up keeping me company in the barn while I type out this post.  I’m sitting on the middle landing overlooking both the barn aisle and the arena.  (Jane, you know it well.  This was your sentry post when you visited with Percy.)  There’s a light spring breeze keeping me comfortable.  The arena sounds like an aviary.  I need to get a birder here to identify all the morning calls I’m hearing.  The gate to their field is open.  At some point I know Robin and Peregrine will wander back out, but for now it is good to have their company.  This is the kind of “problem” that I love to have.  My horses would rather be with me than go out to their field for spring grass!

Alexandra Kurland




2 thoughts on “Horse Company

  1. I always enjoy your writing and your talks. While reading I hear your voice and phrasing in my head. This article however, inspired me in an unexpected way and for that I thank you! I’ll be starting school again soon after 10 years away and because of your article, I realized I have a lovely study area that is untapped: the barn! My horses and I thank you for the inspiration.


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